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Healey Surgeons Inc is a story of a hobby gone amok. It started back in early 70s when Bruce caught the Healey bug with the purchase of his first BJ7. And as some of you "old timers" may recall, in those days, virtually no service or parts were available. So to restore his Healey, he learned through "hands on experience." As years went by, we were restoring a Healey per year to sell and other Healey owners began asking Bruce to service their cars. His regular job became more of a part time job and the Healey servicing required his full attention. The parts shortage led to the acquisition of parts cars, and the parts started to creep into the house-first filling the basement, then the attic. Finally one day we woke and realized we were even sleeping with windshields under our bed-that was just too much!

So in 1980, Bruce quit his job and started "Healey Surgeons" in a small 3000 square foot building in Hyattsville, MD. We soon realized a major bottleneck to our efficiency was the parts situation. So I too gave up my job and worked full time in sourcing parts. Profits from the service end of the business were plowed into stocking of inventory. Once we reached a level that allowed for satisfactory fill rate and we were confident in the quality of goods we were selling, we opened up the mail order parts business.

To maintain quick service and better inventory control, the business was computerized in 1984. However, we quickly realized it was very hard to train someone to be familiar with Healey's tendency to change parts in the middle of a production run and to provide phone advice while selling parts. We then decided not to expand our business into other marques but to continue to devote ourselves to what we know best. The parts business now involves buying and selling all over the US, Europe, Africa and Australia.

In the service department, more equipment was introduced to expand the services we could offer-mig welder, metal brake, lathe, bead blaster etc. By 1985, we were servicing over 100 Healeys and completing 12 major structural restorations per year from both the Washington DC area and neighboring states. This pace has gradually slowed down as more and more Healeys were exported to the rest of the world. Recently, this aspect of the business became a separate entity, "Healey Repair Services."

Our shop

By 1985 we outgrew our facility in Hyattsville and were fortunate to find a much larger shop in Takoma Park, close to where we live. For years, we brought home all kinds of comatose Healeys and stuck them in the basement of the shop. At one point, we collected over 20 Healeys down there. Then in a fit of major housecleaning, we sold them all to a friend and refocused on our primary business of selling new parts and restoring Healeys. Our collection is now far more manageable-a BN1 (ground up restoration…anyone want to buy it?), a BN2 and "Goldie" the 1958 Earls Court Show Car.

We would like to say thanks for the support of all the Healey enthusiasts and restoration shops out there that have made this business possible.

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