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The price is only a guideline of labor charges.  Extra work caused by rust, seized parts, excessive filth, or correcting previous owner/mechanic's follies will be billed at prevailing labor rate.  Parts will be billed depending on the specific requirements of your unit, and are not included below.

King Pin (both sides): $175. Press out the old bushes and install new ones, ream them to fit the new kingpins.  A special double stepped reamer is needed for this operation.  Please send in only the spindles, not the entire assembly.  If we need to disassemble the assembly, there will be additional charges.

Rockershft: $395.  This includes the installation of 12 new bushes, ream them for a proper fit to the new rockershaft and reassemble the unit so that it is ready for installation.  If not all bushes are damaged, it will cost less.

Caliper (both sides): $225 for BT7-BJ8 phase I, $195 for Phase II BJ8.  Includes pressing out the pistons, replacing them with stainless pistons and installing the kit.  Bead blast and paint of the unit is included.

Steering box: $325 We will press out the old bushing, install and ream the new bushing to fit.  Also replace oil and dust seals.  $105 if all it needs is seals and adjustment.

Idler box: $185 same procedure as above.

Engine: $3900 to disassemble and reassemble the engine (new pistons, bearings, valves, guides, tappets, oil pump, gaskets and seals).  Machine shop cost will be passed on at cost.

Transmission: $515 to replace all the bearings, seals, layshaft, synchronizers as needed.  Overdrive: $625 to replace bearings, seals, piston rings and o rings, bench test unit
Add $195 to separate and rejoin the gearbox with the overdrive.

Carburetor: $135 per carb.  If throttle shafts are needed, add an additional $90 each.

Interior:  We can also install seat covers on your front and rear seats so that they are ready to be installed in the car.  Please call or e mail us for a detailed estimate as prices vary depending on the model.


EXPERIENCE: Work is performed by mechanics with 35 years of experience of Healeying- not VW, Toyota, or MG.

EXTENSIVE INVENTORY: You won’t have to “wait for parts to come in”. Our parts prices are highly competitive. Having both new and used parts in house means we pick and choose what would work best on your car.

ACCOUNTABILITY: you get a progress report every Friday.

PREDICTABILITY: We publish a restoration cost estimate so you can budget your requirements. We can do as much or as little as you wish. We can advise you on the work you want to do yourself.

EASE: We can assist you in making arrangements to bring your Healey to us. Once the car is ready, fly into Washington National Airport, hop on the subway and you’ll be at our door steps.

7211 Carroll Avenue
Takoma Park, Maryland 20912
(301) 270-8811