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How to order: Please provide the following:
  • Name and phone number during the day, car model, year and serial number
  • Payment options: prepaid, COD, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. (If you are using a credit card, please include expiration date.)
  • Ship to address & method of shipment- ground, 3 day air, 2 day air, or next day air.
  • Part number, description & quantity, and whether backorder is acceptable

Special Orders
Some items are not stocked due to a low demand or involve the choice of color or texture. These special order items require a 35% deposit and cannot be cancelled.

Rebuilt Units
All part numbers with "R" are rebuilt units and sold only on an exchange basis. Please send in your core first and the rebuilt unit will usually be shipped the same day we recieve the core.

Returns & Refunds:

For a full refund, you must return the goods within 4 weeks in a condition that you would have liked to receive it! The sales receipt must accompany the returned goods or a 15% restocking fee will be charged. No returns will be accepted after 6 months. Used parts returns are subjected to a 50% restocking charge, because of the time we spent removing the item you wanted from the "donor" car.


All goods are backed by manufacturer’s warranty and subject to their terms and conditions.

Your receipt must accompany warranty claims. Free of charge replacements or full refunds will only be issued after the manufacturer has evaluated the returned item.

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